Trophies and Awards for 2018


Distance awards 2018 – distance awards 2018

Trophies and awards – trophy winners 2018

Poem round up of 2018 season – derbyshire egb season 2018 poem


Trophies and Awards for 2017

For list of trophies and awards click here –LIST OF DERBYSHIRE TROPHIES

For list of trophy and award winners click here – TROPHY WINNERS 2017

For distance rosettes click here – MILEAGE AWARDS 2017


Trophy and Awards for 2016



  • 2016 annual ride distance awards

80 km

Relative Strength,  Kelsie,  MK Bindaali,  Ryedale Hettie,  Altin,  Barnaby Truffles,  Woodbuc Arachis,  Izzy,  Toby,  Brightstar,  GK Mystic Rose,  Jemima Royale

160 km

Kaybrook Venus,  Templehill Jasper,  Deja Vu,  Georgie Boy,  Stracathro Royal Elevation,   Benson,  Nik Nak,  Hill Billy

240 km

Melody,  Astronova,  Venus Eclipse,  Sigmunt,  SG Enigmatika,  Pentlands Eye Spy,  Perpetua,  Lexi,  Limited Edition,   Royal Rebel

320 km

Gin and Tonic 11,  Tannasg Psyrenkus,  Cwmhafod Dylan,   Doylan LaCoste’s Gift,  Harry

400 km

Bonnie Safira,  Hazelcroft Gosens Tsar,  Asia de Bouzouls

480 km

Jarito Nea,  Sky’s the Limit,  Beresford Sydney,  Shoshana

560 km

Gayhanieh’s Star,  Kyneton Poppers

720 km


  • Cumulative distance awards

400 cumulative km

Kelsie,  Astronova,  Venus Eclipse,  Doylan LaCoste’s Gift,  Altin,  Limited Edition,  Kyneton Poppers,  Asia de Bouzouls

800 cumulative km

Jarito Nea,  Gin and Tonic ll,   Cwmhafod Dylan,  Beresford Sydney,   Benson

1200 cumulative km

Sky’s the Limit,  Hazelcroft Gosens Tsar

2400 cumulative km


2800 cumulative km

Bonnie Safira

3200 cumulative km

Gayhanieh’s Star

3600 cumulative km

Deja Vu

4000 cumulative km


5600 cumulative km


Trophy winners 2016

Top Associate Rider – Carol Counter.    Runner up – Louise Dutton.

Pleasure Pairs Winners – Lisa Jones and Alice Redihough.  Runners up – Tracy Whitchurch and Victoria Briddon.

Gyp Rag Trophy for pleasure and charity rides winner Gill Denbeigh and Jarito Neo.  Runner up – Janet Thornhill and Melody.

Donnaway Trophy for Derbyshire Social and Pleasure rides only winner – Alice Redihough on Gin and Tonic ll.  Runner up Sarah Wright and Relative Strength.

Countryside Cup for all points from Social and Pleasure rides winner – Gill Denbeigh and Jarito Nea.   Runner up Alice Redihough and Gin and Tonic ll.

Anvil Trophy for top horse and rider in their first EGB season (as a Full member) winner – Janet Thornhill and Melody.  Runner up Daisy Jones and Brightstar.

Walfield Trophy for top pony under 14.2hh winner – Jess Smith and Kyneton Poppers.  Runner up Alicia Reeves and Georgie Boy.

Lara Trophy for top horse over 21 years of age winner – Tracy Walthall and Sigmunt.  Runner up Suzanne Chamberlain and Night Owl.

Keilian Trophy for top horse 15-20 years of age winner – Gayhanieh’s Star ridden by Lesley Cantrill.  Runner up Deja Vu ridden by Ann Harrison.

Summer wine cup for top veteran rider winner Ann Harrison.  Runner up Lesley Cantrell.

Fox Trophy for top junior rider 8-13 years old winner Daisy Jones.  Runner up Jasmine Jones.

Hoofprint Trophy for top young rider 14-21 years old winner Jess Smith.  runner up Charlie Chadwick.

Taylor Maid Trophy for top homebred horse winner and runner up Ann Harrison with Shoshana and Deja Vu.

Starlight Trophy for top horse/pony of mountain and moorland type winner Kyneton Poppers and Jess Smith.  Runner up Georgie Boy and Alicia Reeves.

Sher Khan Shield for the top unregistered horse winner – Alice Redihough on Gin and Tonic 11.  Runner up Sue Mayer on Jemima Royale.

Wetherby Trophy for top thoroughbred winner Vicky Briddon on Astronova.  Runner up Sarah Wright on Relative Strength.

Broomriddings Trophy for top part bred arab winner Charlotte Chadwick on Hazelcroft Gosens Tsar.  Runner up – Jenny Doxey on Bonnie Safira.

Gallop Trophy for top pure bred arab winner Ruth Chadwick and Aragorn.  Runner up – Charlie Chadwick and Sky’s the Limit.

Iranna Trophy for top mare winner Shoshana ridden by Ann Harrison.  Runner up – Asia de Bozouls ridden by Gemma Parkin.

Jean Collins Tray for top open horse winner Asia de Bozouls ridden by Gemma Parkin.  Runner up – Gayhanieh’s Star ridden by Lesley Cantrill.

Rhua Trophy for top novice horse winner Hill Billy ridden by Rachel Knight.  Runner up – Doylan LaCoste’s Gift ridden by Alicia Reeves.

Baxter Trophy for horse with most grade ones winner Shoshana ridden by Ann Harrison.  Runner up – Gayhanieh’s Star ridden by Lesley Cantrill.

Longendale Trophy for points from rides up to 49km winner Lesley Cantrill on Gayhanieh’s Star.  Runner up – Jenny Doxey on Bonnie Safira.

Bull i Thorn Trophy for points from rides 50-79km winner Hill Billy ridden by Rachel Knight.  Runner up Georgie Boy ridden by Alicia Reeves.

Fearn Rose Bowl for rides over 80km winner Ruth Chadwick on Aragorn.  Runner up – Jess smith on Kyneton Poppers.

Ormond Trophy for runner up to top Derbyshire rider – Charlie Chadwick.

Jack Walmsley Trophy for top Derbyshire rider – Ruth Chadwick.

Top Tens

Competitive Riders

  1. Aragorn and Ruth Chadwick
  2. Kyneton Poppers and Jess Smith
  3. Sky’s the Limit and Charlie Chadwick
  4. Shoshana and Ann Harrison
  5. Hazelcroft Gosens Tsar and Charlie Chadwick
  6. Tannasg Psyrenkus and Ruth Chadwick
  7. Asia de Bozouls and Gemma Parkin
  8. Sigmunt and Tracy Walthall
  9. Gayhanieh’s Star and Lesley Cantrill
  10. Deja Vu and Ann Harrison


Pleasure Riders

  1. Jarito Nea and Gill Denbeigh
  2. Gin and Tonic ll and Alice Redihough
  3. Melody and Janet Thornhill
  4. =Venus Eclipse and Tracey Whitchurch and Astronova and Victoria Briddon

6. Kaybrook Venus and Lisa Jones

7.  Templehill Jasper and Tom Dennett


Associate Riders

  1. Beresford Sydney and Carol Counter
  2. Harry and Louise Dutton
  3. Limited Edition and Carol Counter
  4. Lexi and Tracie MacPherson-Hall
  5. Royal Rebel and Jake Bayley
  6. Benson and Chris Hunt
  7. Nik Nak and Maddy Tizard
  8. Woodbuc Arachis and Sally Robinson
  9. Izzy and Jeanette McMurdo
  10. Barnaby Truffles and Nicola Humphreys






Past Results

TROPHY WINNERS 2015 Trophy_winners_2015


Mileage_awards_2014 click this link for MILEAGE AWARDS 2014

Trophy_winners_list  click this link  for TROPHY WINNERS 2014






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