Helper’s List For Rides 2018

Without our volunteer helper’s we wouldn’t be able to run our rides.

Ideally we would like all our members, both Associate and Full, if at all possible, to volunteer to help with at least one of our rides each year.  This could be on the day or helping mark the route before the day.

We will reimburse you for mileage and wherever possible feed you as well!

A flat rate credit  of 25 km for social rides or 32km for National rides can be claimed on your Ride Record card.  If you help at more than one ride you can claim kilometres for the first two and will be eligible for a free social ride voucher for any others.

Please check which ride you’ve been allocated to help at, or let us know soon which one you’d like to volunteer at.

 2018 list below…Please check….

coming very soon

**This list is just a draft and we know that there will be changes.  Please let Jenny know if you can or can’t help at the ride you’ve had allocated.   Remember you can substitute your partner or a friend to help in your place,  or bring a partner or friend with you too.

If you have any queries or wish to make alterations please contact Jenny Doxey at

11221421_10155772150205511_7634443440148098100_nRoute marking for Chatsworth and Bakewell Social Ride.

11898802_10153553955449935_5280300763814889459_n stewardingStewarding at Peak District National Ride.


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