See for entering rides and up to date Covid rules.

Adult Associate membership is just £45 and will save you up to £10 on every EGB ride you enter, anywhere in the country.  So it soon pays for itself,  plus you can join in with all the local group end of season awards.

If you aren’t a paid member and you wish to enter any of our rides you must *register as a ‘Supporter’.  This is free and you will be allocated a ‘Supporter’ registration number.  The system will save your details for subsequent entries.  If you register as a ‘Supporter’ with EGB this does not make you a member.  Only if you pay a membership fee do you become a member.  *See videos below on how to do this.


Rider aged under 18 years old?  Link to the Parental Consent form here –

*New* Derbyshire Ride Cards for 2022.  These will cover 1st November 2021 – 31st October 2022.  Click this link to download –Ride Card 2022 x



June 11th – Foremark Saturday Local Group Ride 

June 12th Foremark National Ride competitive and non-competitive classes

Mostly off road riding along bridleways with lots of canter opportunities.  

Entries opening 20th April.  Camping and corralling available

Saturday – Local group ride routes of 14km, 24km and 32km.  Entry fees £18 for members and £28 for non members.

Sunday – National Ride competitive classes of 80km, 64km, 40km, 32km and 26km.  Non-competitive (vet trot up) classes of 32km, 26km and 14km.  See EGB Clubhouse for entry fees.


 July 17th – High ways over Hope (D3C)

 A 20km circular route of bridleways, byways and minor lanes, high above the Hope Valley.  this area has a rich industrial heritage leaving from the iconic Hope cement works and includes sections of Oxlow and Dirtlow rakes, past the tell tale signs of lead workings.  Above the valley leading towards Old Dam, there are spectacular views across to Mam Tor, Lose Hill and Win Hill.

This is a stony route, advice barefoot horses to be booted

This is included in the D3C series of rides.

Postcode: S33 6RP

Venue hard standing – Hope Cement Works – Limited to approx 40 (DO NOT FOLLOW SAT NAV)

Open to members and non-members – Entries open on 17th June.

Ride Map – Highways_over_Hope_2022_Ride_Map

Ride Instructions – Highways_over_Hope_2022_Rider_Info

If rider under 18 years old you’ll need to bring this consent form too –



July 31st – Stanage Pole (D3C)

August 6th  Barbrook  (D3C)

Sept 10th – Kirk Ireton  (NEW D3C)

 Sept 18th Okeover Park

Oct 8th Bakewell & Chatsworth Park 

Oct 30th Dimmingsdale Day of the Dead  (D3C)

TBC Dec 4th Christmas Carol Ride


Quick explanation of ride types.  All open to members and non-members (Supporters), but members will have priority.

All rides have to be entered on-line  via  see Events.   

Local group social  ride – Not competitive and no min/max speed.  No vet or farrier checks.  Entry fees  for Derbyshire  Group rides start at approx £15 members/£25 non-members. (Sometimes more if car parking/permits needed eg. Shipley )   Generally offer a choice of routes, between 8 and 25 kms.   Advertised on local group web site and EGB Clubhouse website.

Pleasure ride  (NCR)- Run in conjunction with a National ride.  NCR stands for non-competitive ride.  No minimum speed  (Ride Organiser will give you a time to aim to be finished by) and a maximum speed of  12 kph.  Vet trot up check and farrier check.  Normally offer selection of routes from 16km – 32km.   Entry fees start around  £25. See for full list of rides.

National Ride (GER) – GER stands for Graded Endurance Ride.  Have a min and max speed limit.  Vet trot up and heart rate checks.  Farrier checks.  Novice rides range from 20km – 40km.  Open and Advanced levels also. See for full details including a video on getting started.


*Video on how to register as a supporter – 
*Video on how to upload horse flu records –


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