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  Our next event is –

Flash Lane Social Ride

Sunday 14th July.

Entries opening very soon…………………………………………

Click this link for Flu Policy  – EGB Equine Flu policy


**How to enter Derbyshire Social rides/training events/pay for Presentation Evening -including our own on-line system

You now have 3 options of how to enter one and pay –  

1 – Print off form and send with your cheque to Ride Entry Secretary.  The ‘normal’ way.

2 – Print off form and send to Ride Entry Secretary.  Write on the form that you want to pay by bank transfer.  The Ride Entry Secretary will then contact you with details to be able to do this.

3 – Email a copy of the entry form to the Ride Entry Secretary (email address is on the form)and she/he will then contact you with details to be able to pay by bank transfer (BACS).  She/he will print off a hard copy of your entry form for you to sign when you


Please note –  Currently all horses must be vaccinated against Equine Flu to enter this event.   Click this link –  EGB Equine Flu policy

Following the latest advice from the AHT and EGB the decision has been taken that this ride can only accept vaccinated horses.

Horses with up to date vaccinations or have started on a course and be more than 7 days since receiving the second of the first 2 injections, will be accepted.

Passports will be checked by the Ride Organiser and any horse without  a passport or those that don’t meet the vaccination criteria will be turned away.  Refunds will be given as we understand mistakes sometimes happen.


Update 8pm 15th June – Ride cancelled – venue is just too wet.

Rodsley Social Ride

Saturday 22nd June

Venue – Honeysuckle Farm, Shirley Lane, Rodsley, Ashbourne, DE6 3AQ

Ride organiser – Sally Robinson 07966 625151

Really sorry, but after much discussion and weather forecast watching we are going to have to cancel this ride.  The venue is already very wet and we really don’t think it’s going to dry up in time for next Saturday.   All cheques will be destroyed.


 Flash Lane in support of MADBAG

Sunday 14th July

 Early start times 8am – 9.30am (longest route is a D3C Ride)

Venue is Flash Lane, near Darley Dale, Matlock.

Entry fees – EGB members £12  Non-EGB members £20

Choice of routes from 13km up to 30km

More details and entry forms coming very soon…..


Barbrook Social Ride

Saturday 27th July – (Longest route will be a D3C ride)

Venue – Barlow Hunt Kennels, Horsleygate, Barlow, Dronfield

An exciting new ride!

More details, entry form and map  coming very soon……………………..


18th August – Hartington in H’August




22nd September – Tideslow Rakes Social Ride

*****NEW RIDE****

Longer route will be a D3C series ride.



6th October – Okeover Air Ambulance Charity Ride





7th December – Carsington Mince Pie Social Ride






Derbyshire EGB past events 2018/2019

December – Carsington Mince Pie Ride

2nd March – Shipley Park in Spring 

28th April – Back to Buxton

26th May – Manifold in May

1st and 2nd June – Foremark National and Social ride



Quick explanation of ride types.  All open to members and non-members.

Social  ride – Not competitive and no min/max speed.  No vet or farrier checks.  Entry fees  for Derbyshire  Group rides are £12 members/£20 non-members. (Sometimes more if car parking/permits needed eg. Shipley in Spring)   Generally offer a choice of routes, between 8 and 25 kms.   Advertised on local group web sites.

Pleasure ride  (NCR)– Run in conjunction with a National ride.  NCR stands for non-competitive ride.  No minimum speed  (Ride Organiser will give you a time to aim to be finished by) and a maximum speed of  12 kph.  Vet trot up check and farrier check.  Normally offer selection of routes from 16km – 32km.   Entry fees start around  £20. See http://www.endurancegb.co.uk for full list of rides.

National Ride (GER) – GER stands for Graded Endurance Ride.  Have a min and max speed limit.  Vet trot up and heart rate checks.  Farrier checks.  Novice rides range from 20km – 40km.  Open and Advanced levels also. See http://www.endurancegb.co.uk for full details including a video on getting started.

Q. Which Rides can I include on my Derbyshire Ride Record card?

A1. All Derbyshire Group rides and….

A2. All other EGB group’s rides and...

Links to some of our neighbours

Cheshire Group  www.endurancegbcheshire.co.uk

West Riding Group  http://www.westridingegb.co.uk

Nottinghamshire Group www.nottsgroupegb.co.uk

Leicestershire and Rutland Group  http://www.lregb.co.uk

Lindum Group

Lancashire group http://www.lancs-egb.org.uk/?page_id=7

Heart of England Group – http://www.endurancehorseriding.co.uk

North and East Yorkshire Group – http://www.endurancegbneyorkshire.co.uk

A3. Up to SIX of these OTHER NON EGB EVENTS, that appear in this section.  Any other non-EGB rides cannot be included.  (Rides that have the same date as one of our group rides will not appear on this list).  This list will be added to throughout the year.

1st Nov 2018/19 New Season

11th November – Pleasley Pit – Amber Valley Riders  (pre equine flu break out)

9th December – Shipley – Amber Valley Riders  (pre equine flu outbreak)

9th December – SPEED Christmas  – The Roman Lakes  (pre equine flu outbreak)

  • The following rides meet the same Equine Flu policy as EGB.  

19th May –  Five Pits Trial  BHS  –19 May 2019 5 pits Ride Entry Form

9th June – Chinley Fun Ride – Chapel & District Riding Club – http://www.cadrc.org.uk

9th June – Broomfield Estate – BHS/Erewash Riders  – Entry-Form

21st July – Shottle Rotary Ride  – Updated entry form Shottle entry form – 2

8th Sept – Ockbrook – Church Wilney Rotary Charity Horse Ride





****Parental consent forms required for all riders under 18 years old*****  click this link to download   Parentalconsentrides

Rides are open to all riders, members and non-members, aged 8 years old and above.  ( * see below for under 8 years old)

Riders aged 8 – 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult (over 18yo) either on foot or mounted. No more than 2 children per adult.  Mounted adults must enter ride as normal and pay appropriate fee.  Adults on foot go free!

Associate members  and non-members may ride unaccompanied after their 14th birthday.

Full members may ride unaccompanied after their 13th birthday.

* Very  occasionally we  are able to offer a  ‘Lead Rein’  class at specially selected social rides for children aged 4 and over, lead from an adult (min 21 years old) on foot. This would be clearly noted on the entry form and is subject to very strict and special conditions.  Absolutely NO lead rein from a mounted adult allowed, whatever the age of the child.

WARNING TAIL RIBBONS – BLUE means a stallion.  GREEN means young or novice horse.  RED means that the horse is nervous or bad tempered (may kick) if other horses come too close.  PLEASE TAKE EXTRA CARE AND CONSIDERATION WHEN YOU SEE A WARNING RIBBON.

WHIPS – none longer than 75 cm, 34 inches, are allowed.


Hatcams can be used at rider’s own risk.

SPURS – not allowed.

****PASSING/OVERTAKING OTHER RIDERS**** – Riders wishing to pass others must first obtain permission from the rider in in front so ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION TO PASS!  Give a reasonable notice, by calling ahead,  and never come up at speed from behind or past another horse.  Please be patient and courteous.  If the rider in front asks you to wait or walk past, respect their wishes.  Pass with due care and attention.  This is even more important if you are riding in a large group and overtaking a single horse or pair.  Especially so if you see a warning tail ribbon too!

If you are about to be overtaken you should clear the way as soon as you are able.

For full rules see our handbook.


REFUNDS FOR SOCIAL RIDES – We understand that sometimes things happen that mean you can’t attend a  ride you’ve entered.  If you let the organiser know ASAP they will do their best to let you have a full refund, however please be aware that in some circumstances this may not be possible.

Full and Associate Members and PC -£12*.   Non Members, inc Supporters – £20*.   

*Higher entry fees at some rides due to expenses incurred for parking and permits.


Please see handbook, entry form or log onto http://www.endurancegb.co.uk


3 Comments on “Rides & What’s on”

  1. derbysegb says:

    Hi Tracy. Sorry to disappoint but we’ve hit a few snags with our proposed Hill Head social ride so have replaced it with Hartington instead. We do hope to have it on our 2019 season calendar.

  2. Helen Eyre says:

    Shatton moor is bad timeing due to it been lambing time x

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